semiprecious stone

Semiprecious Stone Slabs

Semi Precious Stone

Source Stone Semi Precious Stone slabs have a significance role and uses in routine Life. These slabs can be used at various places in our apartments, house, villas and offices and hotels and restaurants. Some of the applications are mentioned below:

1. Semi Precious Stone slabs uses in flooring which can give a luxurious look to your Floor.
2. Semi Precious Stone slabs may handcrafted in Sinks, Sinks Platforms, Vanity Tops, Bathtubs, Claddings and others made by these stones.
3. Semi Precious Stone slabs are also used for making various kind of luxury beds, Dining Tables, Center Tables, Bar tables, and Many More as depends on ones creativity and budget,
4. Semi Precious Stone slabs are also Used for various types of Carvings and Mosaics.

Source Stone is committed to introduce semiprecious stone slabs for various projects related to counter top, decorative items for the luxurious houses and commercial projects.

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