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Marble and Quartzite

Source stone is providing marble products for Kitchen countertop applications including where food items are prepared or served, like fire place, kitchen countertops, vanity top, bar tops and dining tables. Our clients understand how a material will perform in the application prior to selecting a material. Source stones marble Commercial flooring applications includes shopping malls, retail, hospitality, apartments , office spaces and reception areas. This kind of marble products use in exterior application and interior areas in residential and commercial properties.
Marble is a non-foliated metamorphic rock which is composed by carbonate minerals which are mostly calcite or dolomite. Marble is generally used for sculpture, statues and as luxury material.In Marble there are colored marble varieties are usually found as there are mixing material like clay, silt, sand and iron oxides.

Source stones quartzite is used for the Kitchen countertop applications, fire place, vanity top bar tops and dining tables.
Scientifically quartzite is a very solid hard, rock. There is also a process where Sandstone changed to quartzite through heat and high pressure. Although Pure quartzite is normally white and grey and also found in various shades of pink and red due to ferric oxide).
Quartzite due to his hardness and formation shape, crushed quartzite is often used as railway ballast. Quartzite is normally a fashionable and decorative stone and used to look good in walls, ceiling tiles, tiles in flooring and stairs .quartzite is also use for kitchen countertops is very sought after. It is very hard and some places like used in road construction. Quartzite is also used to produce other minerals ferrosilicon, silicon ,silicon carbide and industrial silica sand,. Ancient time quartzite was a tool for making stone age tools.

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